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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 14th August2012 STAR PLUS

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 18th   July2012  STAR PLUS... IPKKND very popular serial on star plus...  IPKKND  story is two younger and one cleaver business man khushi kumara Gupta,Khushi is a sweet chilly 18 years old young girl,who has seen many tragedies in her young life her parents both died in a car crash..... IPKKND  8:00 pm (mon to fri).... IPKKND  actress khoshi  and Arvan. ..  IPKKND  watch online part 1....  full episode online .. 18th   July 2012 watch online….

 Iss Pyar Ko Mein Kya Naam Doon KKG is a simple Lucknow girl who loses her parents at a young age, but grows up full of optimism and belief in religion and family values. On the occasion of her foster sister PY's wedding, K on hearing of demands for dowry from the groom's family sets out to convince her future brother in law to withdraw these demands. However things go awry and K lands up ruining a fashion show hosted by business tycoon and owner of AR Group of Industries, AR Singh Raizada who instantly dislikes her. AR also an orphan, grew up in Delhi bitter and unforgiving and valuing only money and success. His only weakness is his crippled sister AN K fails to return on time and her sister's wedding is broken. A chance meeting with AR at a Dargah, leads K to accuse him of ruining her sister's happiness. AR, not used to people standing up to him lashes out by releasing footage of the fashion show to the media. The video clip of K falling into AR's arms hits national television causing humiliation to K's family. At her family's behest K and PY move to Delhi to live with their aunt MD. At this juncture SH Jha a seemingly righteous lawyer helps the family and moves in as a paying guest.In Delhi K searches for a job and destiny causes her to take up a job in AR's office. AR tries to humiliate K every chance he gets but K rises to every challenge. After saving K from a speeding car and an building on the verge of collapse AR begins questioning his attitude towards her and even feels remorse at his actions. At this point K decides that she values her life more than AR's challenges, quits her job and decides to go home to Lucknow. Meanwhile SH is revealed to be AN's husband and AR's brother in law who is carrying out this farce as a paying guest because he is in love with K.However K takes up an offer from AN to tutor AR's girlfriend Lavanya about Indian traditions to pay her foster father Shashi Gupta's debts. Forced to meet each other everyday under the same roof AR and K start seeing each other in a different light and they begin to feel an undeniable attraction to each other. When her father is hospitalised K seeks comfort in AR leading to more awareness from both sides. This awareness and attraction leads AR to lose control and almost kiss K on the night of Diwali Angered at the unwanted emotions K brings out in him AR announces his engagement to Lavanya. Broken at AR's rejection K succumbs to pressure at home and agrees to marry SH due to her father's iling health and the lack of money. AR is equally angry at the news of K's engagement and tries desperately to taunt her into admitting she has feelings for him.At this point AR and K realize that their siblings Akash and PY are in love with each other. Unwillingly they are forced to join hands to bring them together and convince their families of their alliance. Lavanya who by now has developed a close friendship with K realises that AR actually loves K causing her to leave. K then learns that SH is AN's husband and breaks off all relations with him. During Akash and PY's wedding celebrations AR and K find themselves becoming closer by the day. Finally admitting that he loves her AR decides to confess his feelings. However he walks in on SH hugging K and misunderstands that she is having an affair with his sister's husband.Failing to see that SH was actually forcing himself on K he walks away from the scene. Unable to tell his sister due to her pregnancy, AR blackmails K into marrying him temporarily for 6 months, by threatening to break her sister's marriage to Akash if she doesn't comply. The hatred is renewed on both sides with K believing AR ruined her life and AR believing K to be ruining his sister's.
Despite this hatred, they continue to feel instances of love for each other. Eventually, after K's repeated questioning, AR blurts out the truth behind him wanting to marry her. K, unable to bear the fact that AR holds such a poor opinion of her, tries her best to convince him that she had not been at fault. AR however does not listen to her and leaves for London on business. K, meanwhile is heartbroken and misses AR constantly. At this point she receives a call from AR stating that he loves her. Keeping in mind the circumstances under which he left to London and knowing he would never confess so easily, K investigates the situation further and figures out that AR has been kidnapped. While following a lead she is briefly reunited with him during which both of them express only relief and happiness on seeing each other. Unable to outrun the kidnappers AR surrenders himself back in order to save K. K now desperate and fully aware that AR's life is in danger figures out that SH is behind the kidnapping. Now K with no other option, takes help from Nand Kishor to investigate further to know about AR's whereabouts. K plans to win over SH's trust that she hates AR, in which she succeeds. K tricks SH into signing the divorce paper which are actually property papers. K finally locates AR and saves him from being burnt alive. However before they are reunited, SH finds K. SH then forces K to get in the car with him and ties her hands and legs and leaves her in the middle of the road. AR rescues K and they go home only to reveal the intentions of SH. SH acts innocent and tries to blame K wrong, but NK saves K. NK stands on K's side and supports by revealing SH as the mastermind behind AR's kidnapping. However, SH asks for proof that he is the kidnapper which NK and K don't have.But K asks AR to look in her eyes and know whether she's lying or not. The innocence in K's eyes was enough for AR to believe her so he slaps SH twice, One for hurting his sister and the other for hurting K. He also stated that these two (AN and K) are the 2 most important people in his life. He kicks SH out and SH revolts this and says How dare AR touch him. AR in reply tells that If he would come on how much he can do, SH will have to spend the rest of his sorry life in Jail. SH is thrown out of the house. In the precap, it is shown that AN faints at the sight of SH being kicked out and AR holds her in his arms and shouts "DI" K asks the snake to divorce ANcause it would hurt AR the most…n they won’t get a better chance as he was awaySH with a smirk thinks…ya ill divorce AN and then kill AR so then we both will be free and alone and then we will need one another Damn u SH, dont even think like that about our hot-wa  We on IF will come n kill u first.Madam bond Mamie jee investigating sigh N comes n hears the whole convo between SH n K and can’t believe this is happening N of course a woman’s enemy is always another woman Automatically puts the blame on K As if she didn’t hear SH at all wow goes in search of AN but she’s of course at a temple MJ is adamant at letting Anajali know about Ks plan  Hmmm That is my ss  I had a feeling it was going there sigh  All Ks tears n pain forgotten so quickly MJ.Hot-wa is back fuzzy is gonna faint now hahahah. Doing push ups and the goons come N he’s like GB bus teen hi h Only 3. Call ur other guys.But no use I’m gonna run away from here today The tattoo guy says U think ur very smart… N will scare us all? Hai u must see i What action  my hero before the action… The goon is challenging him n AR says tell ur boss about my planOr he will slap u  Hahaha this bugged the guy He put the gun on AR but AR moved it away n says u guys can’t do anything… ASR is gonna run away today (Thats y u get all the shocks n all we all nazrofy u…evil eye u N AR says hut na  Hai Means move away n continues his push ups U can see the goons r scared now What if he runs away? But the tattoo guy says No u keep a watch on him and don’t let him out of ur sight I’ll call the boss they r scared hahah ASR is back with his scaring techniques hahahahha love u NK n K are in the room K is very worried  God she looks so worried, worrys me too NK hands her the divorce papers n she’s double minded about it But then she thinks about AR  When he was taken away in front of her n she had watched it all helplessly. N says this has to be done I’ll do anything to get him back home anything MJ reaches the temple but her sprained ankle stops her from reaching AN .MJ is crying But AN can’t ans the phone during puja poor MJ tries to climb the stairs don’t MJ plz Wish u had trusted K a little sigh K hands the divorce papers to SH .He hesitates N says so soon n starts to read them MJ reaches the top and finds AN and is about to tell her  My heart is going dhak dhak  Too much suspense SH is reading the papers K tells him I have personally made them SH still reads on  K snatches it from his hands n says u can’t do it can u? U r not with me u r faking it all SH no no I’m with u K jee n m with u.. Trust me  I always fulfil my promise.MJ tries again n AN gets upset without listening that has something happened to chotey or SH .MJ tells AN that K has asked SH to divorce u. Great now a MU is inevitable.
K tells SH I’ll do it alone  I don’t need anyone in this  SH takes her hand in his  N takes the file Stop touching her Stop itAN laughs and says he will divorce me Man AN ur living in a fools world If u r so blind then I guess it was coming to u mami assures her that she did hear it AN still cant believe it..N AN said K said that AN asks MJ So u heard all that now tell me his ans what did he say? Mami je tells her everything  That SH said  For u I will divorce he AN can’t accept this She’s shocked.SH signs the papers without even looking at them Man love does makes u go crazy…the paper read at one place says Appoints AN Jha as the sole executor Hmmm Awesome K is trying MJ is messing it up haste is waste IM glad K is not alone n NK is with her phew.ASR asks La if she’s leaving. La says she has to go. What will she do staying in the house now? ASR assures her she doesn’t have to. He apologises that all this is because of him. La says he did what he thought was right. She should thank him that he told her the truth. Once PayAsh get engaged, they plan to tell everyone the truth. When called, La tells ASR to go but he insists on going with her. She needn’t do this alone and they leave together.
The GP arrive at the RM. AN comes and takes ‘aarti’ of PY. She calls to SH to get rice for her as she’s forgotten. He comes and looks at the GP who look back at him furiously. He gives the rice to AN who proceeds with the ritual. Nani asks K about her fiance. SH, who is about to leave, stops. AN handles the situation and says he is out for some work. SH is surprised and Nani wishes he were here. GP are speechless giving disgusted looks to SH. AN and K are left alone where K thanks AN. AN says K’s fiance does not know what he has lost by letting her go. SH is listening to all this. AN leaves. K is following but SH calls out to her and she stops. He thanks her. K tells him to thank his wife who trusts a man like him and not her. She assures that she isn’t scared but did this for AN. If he dares do anything fishy then she will reveal the truth. Nani calls SH to make him meet the Gupta family.
Nani ‘introduces’ him to the GP and says they are also from Lucknow. SH greets them. Nani praises the GP’ upbringing of their two daughters. Then she praises SH to and the GP shoot him disgusted looks. SH looks a bit awkward. AN comes and informs that the programme is about to begin and everyone disperses.MN’s friends praise PY’s beauty. MD overhears this and says PY is just on her Bua The two women have a tensed moment but PY comes midway and greets MN’s friends. MN lies about the GP’ status to her friends but PY tells the truth. AN also comes with K and asks her to take PY in her room. La is there as well. MD tells MN that she wants to speak to her and when they’re alone, she asks why she lied about their status. MN says how can she proudly claim that they are sweetshop owners? MD says they’re proud of their status but MN continues with her insults but MD handles her well. MN’s friends also tell her MD seems a bit shrewd and say some other stuff about the GP. MN gets upset at this and says nothing will happen without her.K is rehearsing how she will congratulate ASR and hand him his gift outside the door but of his room ASR opens the door midway and sees K standing with her hands outstretched holding the gift and goes ‘What the…??’.. K’s smile also disappears. He asks her what she wants? Has she got a gift for him? She says noIt’s for La, as in for their engagement and congratulates him handing the gift. ASR accepts it reluctantly. She says that it is not only for his engagement but also for the fact that for someone who didn’t believe in relations, he helped PayAsh come together as well as is getting engaged. Someone calls her saying PY is asking for her. Before leaving, K says she is very happy for AR and La and AR, all this while, couldn’t say anything.PY is tired of getting overly ready. K says she is going to help her get ready just like PY helped her during childhood for school. PY notices K is not up to it and asks her if SH did something but K brushes it off. La comes to call her and K excitedly talks about her engagement. She even gifts jewelry to La. La gets a little sad. She is touched and hugs K. She says that this gift is very valuable for her and wherever she might be, she’ll always keep this with her. K says that she is saying as if she is going somewhere far away. She is right here only. She further asks why she isn’t wearing her engagement dress but La brushes it off. Fortunately for her, AN calls her. But as K is leaving she seems perturbed and turns to take a last glance at La who smiles reassuringly but as soon as K leaves she can’t stop her tears. AR keeps a hand on her shoulder and without him asking, she tells him she’s fine. The episode freezes on ASR’s face.

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